Why it's Better to Get the Nikon D7000 Ebook

Mastering the Nikon D7000 [Kindle Edition] -by Darrell Young

Many products today come attached with the option of an eBook. An eBook is a book written in a digital format that can include pictures or other forms of

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visual images along with the written pages, that cover a product, a service, or any other type of information that helps the consumer become “well informed” on the subject or product they are interested in.

For the Nikon d7000, the eBook that is available is the best way to understand and use this camera. Filled with detailed information, broken down into terms and explanations that no guide, collections of reviews, instruction sheets, or user manual can cover in full as the field guide eBook can. The user guide that accompanies the Nikon d7000 when you purchase it, guides you quickly through the uses of the camera, settings, and other basic information but it does not help you visually see step by step how to use the Nikon d7000, like the eBook does with color photos and demonstrations.

In my opinion the Nikon manual you get with your Nikon d7000 camera is worthy, but boring.

Through expert tips and advice in Darrell Young's Kindle edition Nikon d7000 ebook, you learn to handle, control, and accomplish professional clean photos that will surprise and excite you into wanting to learn and do more with your camera. Your artistic ability will reach its ultimate peak as you discover the real talents you can bring forth with this handy camera that will take you from beginner to expert in no time.

Often, the manuals that come with cameras or any other technical product can confuse the consumer. Many times there is no solid or complete explanation’s provided on the details of the finer points of the product that reach deep inside beyond the basic workings and uses in the pages of a guide. Many consumers feel lost and frustrated when something they read in the manual does not work for them. With the Nikon d7000 eBook "Mastering the Nikon D7000" by Darrell Young  ,  you get the best of the ebooks available on Kindle, in my view.  It has 5 stars and the photos are superb.   Each instruction is explained down to the smallest detail and followed up with visual demonstrations to help the customer know and see what is being taught to them. These tips and words of advice can be reviewed, as many times as the buyer feels it is needed. You are not only taught with the written word and the visual instructions, but also by systematic hands on lessons that you can follow along with while you get to know and understand your camera.

Other books have one big picture of the top level menu. This book has at least two and up to six-yes six!-, screenshots of the menu path showing the way to get to the setting.  From the simple to the advanced details, you are inspired to create and use all the features and options of the Nikon d7000 camera. This exceptional eBook will become your handy friend as you learn and gain the confidence you desire in your photography experience and skills. The Nikon d7000 eBook also takes you beyond simple camera functions but includes help in learning the ins and outs of the video features, scene modes, lighting differences, evening shots, and much more. If you are looking for the best information on the Nikon d7000  that is out on the market today, then the Nikon d7000 eBook has everything you need and much more to make you an excellent well informed Nikon d7000 owner.

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Nikon D7000 for Sale

If you want to get a Nikon d7000 on sale, which I reviewed in my earlier Nikon d7000 review, then you have come to the right place.

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There are a lot of places you can buy Nikon d7000 cameras.  If you haven't already, you should consider to buy Nikon d7000 cameras online because often they have Nikon d7000 sale options and other products with sales options on the big online retail sites. I have looked round and found some good prices on Amazon ,where,if you are vigilant, you can also occasionally find great Nikon d7000 sale offers.

It is a really rugged camera, this mid-level digital SLR coming fully housed in a magnesium alloy body. It has lots of great features including a 16.2Mp CMOS sensor, faster 'Expeed 2'-branded processor, 921k dot 3.0" LCD and has gone through outdoors tests so you can feel confident in its reliability.

Read our Nikon d7000 review above for more technical details.

What Do Customers Tend to Buy With This Item?

Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control for Nikon D7000 & D90 Digital SLR Cameras

Nikon EN-EL15 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery for Nikon D7000 Digital SLR Camera (Retail Packaging)

Nikon 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED IF AF-S VR Nikkor Zoom Lens for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras

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Is the Nikon D7000 Camera the Best Mid Range dslr ?

 Nikon D7000 review 
For this Nikon d7000 Review, I want to start by saying there’s a lot of great things in this Nikon D7000 camera.  I like the fact that it’s not so heavy and smaller than other top cameras such as the D300, D700 or  D3s.  This is handy if ,like me, you don’t have a lot of extra muscle to do grunt work at weddings or where you need to be on your feet a long time,and if you are also carrying a fast zoom .  It’s great to hold and use.  Is it the best mid range dslr?  Let's get into this Nikon D7000 review:

The image detail is, as reputed, pretty awesome with 16.2 effective megapixels ; the D7000 gives you the resolution you need whether you are trying to produce large prints or crop an image.  X-raying the guts we find a DX-format CMOS image sensor with 16.2 effective megapixels, skilfully crafted to gather a greater amount of quality light through sharp NIKKOR lenses.  Add to this 14-bit A/D conversion (12-bit selectable), the Nikon D7000 camera produces lovely images that are more tonally and detail-rich than previously possible in DX format.

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Nikon D7000 Setup 

See the video below and let the helpful young Jared talk you through how the D7000 setup works, down to using each button.

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So let’s take a look at some of the D7000’s features:
  •   Improved image quality and speed: EXPEED 2 image processing engine-this can do many tasks at the same timeYou might want to capture the tones of nice sunrise or freeze the action.  Thanks to image processing engine EXPEED 2 you can do both.  Shoot at 6 frames per second  or focus on someone’s  mood using face recognition in Live View mode, which has been improved for users.
  • Standard ISO 100 to 6400, expandable to ISO 25600 equivalent. The pixel quality of the image sensor has been improved and you get a wider ISO range from the DX-format — ISO 100 to 6400 has now become standard with the Nikon D7000 camera, giving you wider options in lighting situations: from the bright and sunny outdoors to low-lit evenings and interiors.  Also Nikon’s famous noise reduction technology has been upgraded still further 
  • The Nikon D7000 camera can record 1080p full HD movies and has movie editing functions for top cinematic quality. You get fluid images and this Nikon D7000 camera is able to compensate for distortion and other image-degrading issues. There is both an auto-exposure and manual exposure mode, which locks in the exposure value when shooting scenes with differing contrast levels, for example if you were to pan from a bright exterior to a dark doorway.  There is a built-in monaural microphone but the camera incorporates an external microphone jack if you need high-quality stereo sound recording.    
  • SD slots – If you were covering a wedding and failed to come up with the goods neither you nor the wedding couple are going to be very impressed if your card gets stuffed-up!  So this is an undeniably useful feature.  If you are a home user it has been suggested that you use two smaller cards rather than one big one and save some money.
  • improved Scene Recognition System .   With  a  built-in 2016-Segment RGB Meter- for spot-on exposure and white balance it can be said that no other D-SLR camera comes close to this Nikon.  The 2,016-pixel RGB sensor reads the scene’s brightness and colors and then applies this reading to optimize not only exposure, but also autofocus, white balance and i-TTL flash calculations — all in milliseconds prior to the exposure. 
  •   The camera is rugged and well-sealed . This nikon digital slr camera's top and rear covers are made of tough magnesium alloy,  so the camera will weather your outdoor pursuits probably better than you will.  Nikon engineers have put it through the camera-gym to ensure it works when the dust is flying.
  • 100% view finder! Takes the guesswork out-you will get what you see
  • Shoot up to 100 images at 6 frames per second at both 14-bit and 12-bit A/D conversion for RAW shooting.  
  • Autofocus focus motor for non-AF-S lenses.  The D7000 has a shutter speed range of 1/8000 to 30 seconds.  Very useful for extreme conditions or shooting into the sun wide open with a bright lens.  
  • Electronic Virtual Horizon- this is great if you shoot landscapes a lot-the virtual horizon indicated in the LCD shows when the camera is level. The virtual horizon can also be displayed during Live View shooting.  And for more a brief summary
of this particular Nikon D7000 specs .... 
More on Nikon D7000 specs   
  • Brand Name: Nikon
  • Model: D7000 18-105mm Kit
  • Optical Sensor Resolution: 16.2 MP
  • Optical zoom: 5.8 x
  • Display Size: 3.000 inches
  • Width: 5.2 inches
  • Height: 3.0 inches
  • Weight: 2.44 pounds

 Nikon D7000 Review:the Pros
  • Magnesium body and better sealing for the Nikon D7000 camera– You can take pictures when it’s dusty outdoors and know your camera will take it.   
  • Auto-Focus in video mode. A lot of people like this.The video mode provides the option to run auto-focus while shooting, which no other DSLR has done to this point. You can also now shoot 1080p in 24 frames (23.97 actually) per second, which is cinema quality. Also, in any Nikon D7000 review or nikon canon comparison it's useful to know you can shoot up to 20 minutes of video in one shoot, versus a mere twelve minutes for the Canon 60D, T2i, and T1i. People who buy the D7000 for pretty pictures only, are often surprised by the video possibilities  
  • The D7000 offers up to 39 AF points – excellent for  this price bracket and which helps to generate superb image quality.  
  • The Nikon D7000 camera has a 3-inch VGA LCD monitor with reinforced glass. Its approx. 921k-dot resolution means you get a clear, detailed display of images, especially helpful when confirming focus or assessing image sharpness. The wide 170° viewing angle and bright display make it easy to review what you have shot or confirm menu settings when doing an outdoor shoot.
  • The duel card system allows you to save stills and video to different cards,  duplicate images from the one card to the other or act as extra useful storage PLUS you can save as both RAW and jpeg versions
Nikon D7000 Review:the Cons
  • The D7000's large number of external buttons and dials and the the interactive Info screen means that after the initial setup of your camera, you shouldn't need to get lost in the menus.  However this is a camera for enthusiasts not for casual photographers and if you are a rank newbie at photography you might easily be swamped by all the information on the ‘info’ screen.  You really need some pre-knowledge to enjoy this camera.
  •  One user writes: “Battery life is short compared to the  D70 whose battery just seems to keep on going forever. Buy the MB-D11 battery pack  or another EN-EL15 battery(must need extra power for the additional pixels)”
  •  DPReview says "Tendency to overexpose in bright sunshine/high contrast situations". So you need to take care in the bright sun. A forum member suggests “ routinely setting the exposure compensation -2/3 rds stop (down) outdoors on a sunny day” to compensate.

Who is the camera for?
Photography enthusiasts and those who already have some prior knowledge of photography techniques and digital SLR cameras.  If photography is a hobby for you and not a profession you may want to look at a Canon or another cheaper option as you may consider the Nikon D7000 price too steep for what you are intending to use it for (UNLESS you take advantage of a Nikon d7000 sale).

Are there any guides you could recommend for the Nikon D7000 camera?” someone might ask.

There are probably more detailed ones in the offing but a good one you can get from Amazon at the moment is  Nikon D7000 Digital Field Guide by J. Dennis Thomas - available from Amazon - Mike Hagen was the technical editor.

What sort of pictures can this camera take?

Well have a look at this picture of the moon taken by Pradipta Datta

If you want an example of one taken at short range look at this from Robin-P